2017 Ford Explorer TV Commercial, 'For Those With Their Own Path'

Ford celebrates 12-year-old fashion designer Egypt “Ify” Ufele, a young entrepreneur who founded the Bully Chasers charity and started her own plus-size fashion line, Chubiiline, after being bullied in school. To the tune of soul singer Marva Whitney’s “I Am What I Am,” Ify drives all over town in a Ford Explorer choosing fabrics, sketching designs, cutting, sewing and hauling mannequins to prepare for a fashion show.

ChubiiLine FW2016 Collection

Chubiiline LLC

ChubiiLine - Egypt Ufele Child Designer

Chubiiline interview Live It Up TV Network

ChubiiLine Ufele – Small Boutique Fashion Week Summer/Fall 2016

Chubiiline in the Virgin Islands

Chubiiline share her new fabric

SBFW 2016

Chubiiline @The Danny Glover Achievement

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Egypt “Ify” Ufele

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Yvonne Forbes

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